Speaker Preparation

SIGGRAPH 2006 provides a wonderful free service to its presenters in the Speaker Preparation Room. The Speaker Prep staff is on hand to make sure that we know what you need and that we have it in place when you arrive. Speaker Prep also provides valuable resources that you need to prepare and practice your presentation.

In the Speaker Preparation Room, you can test your presentation. You can make sure that your software versions are compatible with the versions in the session rooms. You can find out if you have all the necessary fonts, CODECS, or linked images to make your presentation work the way you expect it to. You can load your presentation on our server to be delivered to your session room via the secure SIGGRAPH 2006 network.

You might want to use your own laptop, and quite possibly you need to. If possible, we would prefer that you use our session room computers in order to maintain the integrity of the equipment setup. Connecting other computers disrupts the presentation flow, and the projector often needs tweaking when you plug in. If you have special software or hardware requirements, we can accommodate a connection to get you up and running.

Speaker Preparation Room
A summary of the services available in the Speaker Preparation Room.

Session Room Equipment
The equipment provided in the session rooms in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and details about what's different this year.

Guidelines for Preparing Electronic Slides and Still Images
Some thoughtful suggestions for preparing your SIGGRAPH 2006 presentation.

Movies in Presentations
Helpful advice for integrating movies into your presentation.

Download Slide Templates
Use these files to prepare your SIGGRAPH 2006 slides: PowerPoint templates and logo image files for your presentation, for PC or Macintosh.

If you need further assistance, contact the Speaker Prep staff: speaker-prep (at) siggraph.org