Sketches Fact Sheet

The Facts A Quote from the SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches Chair

"The very fact that we had record-breaking submissions pushes the quality of the content to an entirely new level," stated Hanspeter Pfister, SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches Chair from MERL. "Nowhere else in the world can you find such creativity and innovation that will define the future of our discipline."

Highlights From the SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches Program

Facial Performance Capture and Expressive Translation for "King Kong"
Mark Sagar, Rudy Grossman
A sketch about the facial animation capture and expressive translation system used for "King Kong."

Rendering Grass Terrain in Real Time With Dynamic Lighting
Kévin Boulanger, Sumanta Pattanaik, Kadi Bouatouch
A clear trend in Sketches is the increasing sophistication of real-time methods on GPUs. This sketch demonstrates rendering grass in real time with dynamic lighting.

Playable Universal Capture
George Borshukov, Jefferson Montgomery, Witek Werner, Barry Ruff, James Lau, Paul Thuriot, Patrick Mooney, Stefan Van Niekerk, Dave Raposo, Jean-Luc Duprat, John Hable, Håkan Kihlström, Daniel Roizman, Kevin Noone, Jeff O'Connell
This sketch presents a real-time implementation of the facial animation system that was used in the "Matrix" sequels.

Controlling Liquids Using Pressure Jump
Seung-ho Shin, Jung Lee, Sun-jeong Kim, Chang-Hun Kim
This sketch offers detailed control of liquids so that they flow from a source into a three-dimensional target shape.

Laser Scanning of Three-Dimensional Time-Varying Fluid Phenomena
Daniel Lang, Santiago Lombeyda, Jan Lindheim, Paul Dimotakis
This innovative sketch is based on increasingly sophisticated acquisition and simulation of physics. It uses laser scanning to acquire three-dimensional, time-varying fluid phenomena.

Single-Pass Wireframe Rendering
J. Andreas Bærentzen, Steen Lund Nielsen, Mikkel Gjael, Bent D. Larsen, Niels Jaergen Christensen
Expect the unexpected; this sketch is based on a single-pass wireframe rendering on the GPU. It is easy to implement yet very effective.

Tomographic Reconstruction of Transparent Objects
Borislav Trifonov, Derek Bradley, Wolfgang Heidrich
Submerging transparent objects into a fluid with a similar refractive index reduces refraction and allows one to use a tomographic reconstruction method to create 3D models.

Digital Face Beautification
Tommer Leyvand, Daniel Cohen-Or, Gideon Dror, Dani Lischinski
In terms of novel and provocative topics, this sketch presents automatic digital face beautification for photographs of people.

Relighting Human Locomotion With Flowed Reflectance Fields
Charles-Félix Chabert, Per Einarsson, Andrew Jones, Bruce Lamond, Wan Chun Ma, Sebastian Sylwan, Tim Hawkins, Paul Debevec
A new LightStage system that acquires reflectance fields for cyclic motions such as walking.

Metazoa Ludens
Roger Thomas, K.C. Tan, Vladimir Todorovic, James K.S. Teh, Goran Andrejin, Shang Ping Lee, Adrian David Cheok
A system that allows pet owners to play computer games with their pets. The authors implemented a game between a human and a live hamster.

Non-Realistic Expressive Modeling
Ran Gal, Olga Sorkine, Tiberiu Popa, Alla Sheffer, Daniel Cohen-Or
This sketch shows a system that turns any 3D model into surrealist art by converting it into a collage of other shapes, such as fruits, vegetables, or sea shells.

Toward Greater Artistic Control for Interactive Evolution of Images and Animation
David Hart
This Art Gallery Sketch shows a method for evolution and animation of level sets that produces stunning and captivating videos.

Painterly Rendering With Designed Imperfection
Jin Wan Park, Rick Barry, Bon Ki Koo, Sung Dea Hong, Kyung Hyun Yoon
A Guerilla Studio Sketch about a system that automatically creates paintings with imperfections, similar to those that humans produce.

Tablescape Plus: Upstanding Tiny Displays on Tabletop Display
Yasuaki Kakehi, Makoto Iida, Takeshi Naemura, Mitsunori Matsushita
An Emerging Technologies Sketch that provides details on Tablescape Plus, a novel table-top display interface with vertical surfaces.

Anticipating Impacts
Ronald Metoyer, Victor Zordan, Benjamin Hermens, Chun-Chi Wu, Marc Soriano
This method automatically generates protective character poses in anticipation of impending collisions.

SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches opens 31 July and closes 3 August. Complete information