Special Sessions Fact Sheet

Special Sessions Present a Variety of Topics

SIGGRAPH 2006 Special Sessions offers interactive productions that are dynamic, exciting, and fast-paced. Leading industry experts will discuss recent achievements in ocean exploration, vehicle performance and marketing, interactive large-scale performance, and how having the right voice talent brings character animation to life.

"Special Sessions will continue to provide creative, innovative, and thought-provoking content that crosses all boundaries of the SIGGRAPH community," stated Joshua Strickon, SIGGRAPH 2006 Special Sessions chair from the New York Times Company. "These sessions are composed of pioneering industry experts who define their vision for the future and discuss how to reach it."

Plugged In: Creating Emotional Responses Through the Use of Entertainment Technology in Live Performance
New technologies are influencing the design of performance spaces, spectacles, and events. Live performance is constantly evolving from fireworks displays and fountains to computer graphics and parades. In this session, designers, programmers, and producers reveal the progression of live performance and predict the future outlook and next level of advancements.

Tom Craven
SIGGRAPH 2006 Emerging Technologies Chair
The Walt Disney Company (retired)

Don Dorsey
Dorsey Productions, Inc.

Marc Downie
The OpenEnded Group

David Hynds
Walt Disney World Ride & Show Engineering

Tony Freitas
Wet Design

Sounding Off: How Voice Talents Bring Characters to Life in CG Films
Voice casting, recording, and animation are an integral part of CG character development. Take part in this investigation of how leading studios and talents use different approaches and techniques to combine voice performance with computer graphics to construct emotionally resonant computer-generated characters and stories.

Blue Sky Studios

Pixar Animation Studios

Sony Pictures Animation

20,000 Bits Under the Sea: How Robotics, Visualization, and Scientific Computing Are Changing the Way We Explore, Discover, and Understand Our Oceans
It is a well known fact that the Earth's oceans make up more than 70% of its overall area, but scientists still know more about outer space than the oceans. This Special Session will discuss how computer graphics, robotics, user-interface design, visualization, and scientific computing are changing how oceanographers explore the deep seas and expanding human knowledge in this regard.

Alan D. Chave
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/Deep Submergence Laboratory

Chris Henze
NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division

Chris Hill
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Graham Hawkes
Hawkes Ocean Technologies

Vroom Vroom: SIGGRAPH at 500 Horsepower
Join industry visionaries as they describe how automobiles will continue to progress into more than vehicles - into communication devices, work modules, entertainment centers, and social statements. From video games and movies to research labs and design centers, automobiles are evolving faster than ever.

Phil Patton
The New York Times

Tim Milliron
Pixar Animation Studios

Gary Schultz
Pixar Animation Studios

Eddie Sotto
Sotto Studios/LA

Frans von Holzhausen
Mazda, North American Operations

Smart Cities Group MIT Media Lab

SIGGRAPH 2006 Special Sessions begin 31 July at 4:45 pm and close 2 August at 6:45 pm. Complete information