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Quotes from the SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery Chair
"The artists represented in the SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery are some of the most innovative digital artists in the world. The breadth and depth of the content is staggering and should leave attendees breathless. It is amazing and inspiring to see people from around the world creatively pushing the boundary of what can be done when art and technology collide."

A Few Highlights From the SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery: Intersections:

Electronic Installation Art

Daphna Talithman, Israel
Interactive Installation
Heartbeats is an interactive installation that uses a participant's heartbeat to create virtual life. Four fetal figures await four participants to approach four heart rate sensors. When a user places a finger on the heart rate sensor, the figure comes to life and moves with each of the user's heartbeats. When several users connect simultaneously, the virtual figures move toward each other and interact.

Jefferson Y. Han, USA
Media Mirror
Interactive Video Installation Utilizing Custom Software
Media Mirror is an interactive video installation in which 200+ channels of live cable television are continuously arranged in real time to form a mosaic representation of the person who stands in front of the camera lens.

Kumiko Kushiyama, Japan
Original Thermal Sense Display/Touch Panel/Fusion Work
Thermoesthesia is an interactive artwork with a thermal sense display that allows users to feel the temperature of the visually displayed objects by directly touching the art. Parts of the animated artwork feel hot while other areas feel cool.

Sergi Jordà, Spain
the reacTable*
Interactive Audio/Visual Tabletop/Tangible Digital Musical Instrument
The reacTable* is a state-of-the-art, multi-user, electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving physical artifacts on the table surface and constructing different audio topologies in a type of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled, programming language.

Wall-Hung Art

Joanna Berzowska
Krakow: A Woven Story of Memory and Erasure
Electronic Animated Textile
The Krakow weaving is an electronic, color-changing Jacquard weaving that integrates conductive yarns, thermochromic inks, and custom control electronics. It illustrates a scene from the artist's childhood memory of Poland. Over time, the ink overprinted on the figures in the weaving changes color from black to transparent. Like our memories of them, the people in the textile disappear over time. As populations are displaced, the traces of their presence in place and time are similarly erased.

Mark Stock, USA
Open House
Computer Rendering, Digital Print
Open House is produced as a result of the artist's computational fluid dynamics research. Algorithmic placement of the elements results in a mash of deterministic physics and stochastic detail culminating in a believable, but alien landscape.

Vicky Isley & Paul Smith, United Kingdom
biome 001
The biomes use generative processes in the creation of a dynamic world. The virtual space of the world extends far beyond the boundaries of the screen to an approximate circumference of a mile and is inhabited by abstract bodies (referred to as machines) inspired by creatures of the deep seas. Each of these machines use simple rules to generate unique markings and behavior.

Lisa Erdman, USA
Annual Checkup: Pharmaceuticals for the 21st Century
Experimental Digital Video
Annual Checkup: Pharmaceuticals for the 21st Century, uses the visual language of the pharmaceutical industry to explore the state of our nation's health. With satirical humor, the video presents a commentary on the current social and political atmosphere in the United States in regard to such issues as: the freedom to question faith; personal choice in issues of morality and sexuality; and the meaning of patriotism and citizenship. The video also addresses the growing role of pharmaceutical drugs in the maintenance of psychological health.


Sachiko Kodama, Japan
MorphoTower/Spiral Swirl
Dynamic Sculpture
MorphoTower is an evolving sculpture that responds to the sound in the environment. The form and texture of the tower constantly alternate between the hard iron core and the varying form produced by the soft moving fluid that covers the core. Numerous small spikes of black ferrofluid rise up along the surface of a helical iron shape (the tower) and vibrate slowly with the strength of the environmental sound.

Keith Brown, United Kingdom
3D Modeled Rapid Prototype and Bronze Sculpture
This bronze sculpture began as a 3D computer model and then was output to a rapid prototyping device. The resulting object was cast into bronze and burnished to a mirror finish. The form of the object is developed in, and dependent upon, the cyber environment where objects and their surfaces offer no physical resistance and can be seen to pass through each other.

Web Art

Sadam Fujioka, Japan
Artistic Software Application
Code is a real-time artistic performance system for audio and visuals using the keyboard. You can manipulate and control the kinetic images and sound sequences by typing reserved keywords such as "Points," "Lines," "Faces," and "Controls."

Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel, Brazil
Voice Mosaic
Web-Internet/Telephone/Art & Technology
Voice Mosaic is a web art project that converts speech and image into a mosaic. Each tile in the mosaic is generated by a phone call. Through the use of voice recognition and speech synthesis, the mosaic is the result of literally "talking to the web." Each tile in the mosaic contains a message from various people located throughout the globe.

Sound Installations

Shawn Decker, USA
Physical Installation
Green is a sound installation that uses 32 small loudspeakers to create a sound field around the listener. Each speaker makes small sounds: furtive clicking, buzzing, and rustling. These many small and elemental sounds merge together from their many sources into a dynamic sound field. In this piece, the artist is interested in exploring the "natural rhythms" one might find in a meadow or other setting filled with small minute sounds which combine in complex and highly spatial ways.

Adam Brown, USA
Rapid Injection Molded Plastic with Custom Electronics
Bion makes reference to an individual element of primordial biological energy identified as "orgone" by the scientist Wilhelm Reich. The interactive installation is a sensor network composed of hundreds of suspended, mass-produced, three-dimensional glowing and chirping forms called bions. Each bion, a small synthetic "life-form" fitted with custom electronics, low-level artificial intelligence, and sensors, has the ability to communicate with other bions and with humans who enter the space.

Electronically Mediated Performances

Gil Weinberg, USA
Jam'aa for Haile
An Interactive Performance with an Improvisational Robotic Percussionist
Jam'aa is a composition for a robotic percussionist named Haile. The robot listens to human drummers, analyzes their music in real-time, and uses the product of this analysis to play along in an improvisational manner. Haile is designed to combine the benefits of computational power and algorithmic music with the richness, visual interactivity, and expression of acoustic playing.

J.U. Lensing, Germany
Interactive Dance Performance
HEAReographics is an interactive, half-improvised dance performance. The movement of the dancers' bodies is captured with cameras that transform the moving images to control data for electronic music. Three cameras are used for transforming the dancers' forms and colors to abstract video art in real time. The dancers on stage listen to the music resulting from their movements and respond with new movements. This interchange creates a complex dialog between the human body and machine.

Daniel Sauter, USA
Light Attack
Mixed Media
Light Attack is a media artwork, as well as a social experiment, performed in public urban spaces. While driving through the city, an animated virtual character is projected onto the cityscape. The moving imagery responds to the speed of the movement through the space, and the projected character's behavior is influenced by the urban context.

Françoise Lamy, United Kingdom
Addictive TV: The Eye of the Pilot
Live Multimedia Performance
The Eye of the Pilot is a live cinema performance by audio/video artists featuring guitarist Alejandro de Valera. This musical and visual travelogue remixes the fantastic personal archive of French airline pilot Raymond Lamy filmed during his travels in the 1950s. Using high-tech creative multimedia tools and modern aesthetics, the performance integrates the old and the new, fusing more than just music and images as it evocatively brings to life film from more than 50 years ago.

Ge Wang, USA
On-the-Fly Counterpoint
Structured Musical Improvisation
On-the-Fly Counterpoint explores the technical and aesthetic aspects of real-time audio programming for audio synthesis and performance. The performers use the ChucK programming language, which allows them to produce music as the computer code is written and modified. The performers/programmers manipulate multiple computer programs to create the music while the programs are running without stopping or restarting.

SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery: Intersections opens Sunday, 30 July at 1 pm and closes 3 August at 5 pm.

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