Meet the Power Buyers

SIGGRAPH 2006 is the world's most extensive marketplace of computer graphics and interactive techniques and is the best opportunity to demonstrate your products to the people who will be making buying decisions in Boston.

The annual SIGGRAPH conference is unlike any other event of its kind, which is why it attracts such a diverse computer graphics community. Over 25,000 high-level executives, animators, game developers, engineers, artists, and others from around the globe are expected to attend SIGGRAPH 2006. They want to learn about the latest technologies, look for new products, and seek out ideas, and they have a personal involvement in the buying decisions. All of this adds up to an ideal selling opportunity you can't afford to miss!

Expenditures On Graphics Products For The Year Following SIGGRAPH 2004

Expenditures on graphics products for the year following SIGGRAPH 2004

Buyers will come to SIGGRAPH 2006 with a set plan to purchase products, systems, and services during the 12-month period following the Exhibition. Following SIGGRAPH 2004, close to half of the attendees had plans to spend over $10,000 annually, and 11% planned to spend over $250,000.

SIGGRAPH 2006 Will Attract A Broad Range Of Industries
SIGGRAPH 2006 is the place where you will come face-to-face with representatives from the top organizations. Seventy percent come to SIGGRAPH with buying influence for one or more of the products displayed in the SIGGRAPH Exhibition.

SIGGRAPH 2006 Attendees Will Be Looking For Products That Will Help Them Gain A Competitive Edge, And The Audience Of Buyers Almost Always Attends No Other Event
SIGGRAPH attracts a devoted and loyal audience. Over half of the SIGGRAPH audience claims that this will be the only trade show they attend this year. In fact, no other industry event attracts more than 22% of the SIGGRAPH audience.

Organization's Primary Business

Expenditures on graphics products for the year following SIGGRAPH 2004