Amazing Portrait [al la prima]:
Process of Drawing Teapot

There are many kinds of people in the world.
And teapots also have many usages.

This paint rendering was done with a rough al la prima oil painting. As if a painter was creating a painting ... This is an amazing portrait of a teapot.

It follows the order that a painter uses to paint a picture.
The computer draws the image from an original photograph.
It reveals the texture of the oil colors and the shape of the brush.

Technical Overview
Painterly rendering may generate various results depending on the parameters that determine brush-stroke characteristics, such as, color, orientation, size, shape, and textures. In this work, manual oil-painting effects were created by applying the most appropriate brush strokes in the source images. Emulation of brush strokes with dynamic properties was achieved with a brush orientation that surrounds the edges by referring to the edge orientation of source images. The sizes were determined by the different sizes of the objects, from wide to narrow brushes. Line and spline curve shapes were applied to simulate curves and swirls, and to express texture effects using the two brush textures.

Ye Jin Ahn
Chung-Ang University
ahn-yejin (at)