Alphabet Word Gestures

I make stories based on objects and their descriptive words and associated processes.

When thinking about the history of the teapot in relation to computer graphics, I became intrigued with the history of the teapot. After learning some of the vocabulary to describe teapots and tea, I began to look at the vocabulary used in the field of computer graphics. After reviewing computer graphics glossaries and SIGGRAPH technical and art journals from 1977 through 2005 I eventually compiled a list of 1,243 computer and computer graphics terms. My list of teapot, tea, and ceramic-construction terms came in at 231.

This series of images is formed from my visually playing and ordering those 1,474 words.

Technical Overview
These images were made with off-the shelf software and hardware and lots of words from numerous technical journals and dictionaries.
Copper Frances Giloth
University of Massachusetts
Giloth (at)