Tea Set 113/114, Tea Set 119/120

I've been combining technology and traditional art processes for 20 years. These tea sets incorporate traditional methods of making functional and decorative hand-built ceramics. The teapot is a particular challenge to the potter, as the work needs to function properly and be pleasing to the hand and eye. The pieces are fired to stoneware temperatures, the glazes are lead-free, and they are functional.

Technical Overview
For these pieces, their form, construction, decoration, surfaces, and firing were designed and executed with the aid of various computer hardware, software, and peripherals. Software included Maya, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. The screen-printed and relief surfaces have imagery that originates with a variety of photographs and drawings that are manipulated and turned into stencils. The textural or relief surfaces were created with the aid of laser-engraved and photopolymer plates. The plates were then pressed into large wet clay slabs before cutting and assembly.

Marc J. Barr
SIGGRAPH 2006 Teapot Exhibit Chair
Middle Tennessee State University
mjbarr (at) mtsu.edu