2D Origami Teapot With Diagram

On the right is a 2D origami teapot folded from one piece of square paper. The model can be folded by anyone interested in origami, yet it keeps the proportions of the Utah teapot unchanged.

On the left is a teapot with a teacup, also folded from one piece of square paper (both pot and cup).

Technical Overview
The configuration of the origami model in the diagram was modeled by simulating rigid origami, which is origami represented as rigid polygons linked to each other with hinges on crease lines. Foward kinematics of the multi-vertex origami was calculated by combining single-vertex constraint equations by Belcastro and Hull.1

Tomohiro Tachi
The University of Tokyo
tachi.tomohiro (at) gmail.com

1. Sarah-Marie Belcastro & Thomas C. Hull. 2002. A mathematical model for non-flat origami. Proceedings of the 3rd International Meeting of Origami Mathematics, Science, and Education.