Teapot #1, #3

My artwork is about my ongoing fascination with natural patterns and design. This latest series of teapots focuses on interpreting a traditional functional object using the sculptural vocabulary I have developed while examining crystalline growth systems. Using this strategy I am integrating my expressive formal concerns with objects for personal rituals, such as drinking a cup of tea or coffee.

Technical Overview
The process I am using to create these teapots is fairly new to my traditional creative methods. I have begun to incorporate digital technology to create 3D models using Blender 2.41.

I then go into my studio and interpret the 3D renderings with porcelain clay. I build the pots in a way that is similar to how I draw them with the Blender program. Each cube is created individually and then added to the composition. Once the clay has dried, I apply a high-temperature glaze and fire in a gas-fueled kiln.

Zak Knudtson
Ashland University
Zaknudtson (at) hotmail.com