My original idea was to create something very representational of the actual teapot and try to incorporate as much detail as possible. So I decided to make a teapot on a flat surface.

I used several photographs of one teapot. Each photo was taken from a different side, from a different point of view, to give viewers the feeling that they are looking at the actual 3D object (seeing different sides, seeing it under different light sources) and receiving information about its shape, lines, prospective, etc. I thought that putting everything in a single composition would be a pretty effective way of illustrating all this information.

I also had this idea in my mind of making something like pixels in digital photographs, where colors are represented by dots placed next to each other, so when you look at the teapot from a distance, it would seem to be one solid color, or as if it is composed of textural lines of colors.

Technical Overview
This piece was composed with the outining, rotating, and sizing tools in Photoshop CS. All of the teapots are photographs of the same one taken under different lighting conditions, against different backgrounds, and from different points of view. Then they were aligned next to each other, in some places to create shape, and in others to represent the lighting. This was done by taking an individual teapot and placing it in the line, separating lines or groups of lines within the same color.

Vesna Vrankovic
vv1982 (at) aol.com