Before anything else, there was the mud.

From this primordial ooze sprang all life: the trees and ferns, blue-green algae and bacteria, hamsters and homo sapiens. All that is human originates in this clay, this earth. Semiconductors, too.

As an artist, I seek to find what other things may be hidden in the mud. I am sometimes able to liberate unexpected whimsy; the anthropomorphized earth is surprisingly playful. Other times, I find only gravity and serious ideas. I let the mud direct me, tell me its stories, assemble itself into runes, signs, and symbols.

This SIGGRAPH teapot is inspired by the Utah teapot and the influence of computer graphics on motion pictures. It speaks to the effects of computer graphics on our lives and the way we think.

Technical Overview
The work was inspired by electronic imagery. Images of the Utah teapot model were consulted during the initial design work, as were various images of tesselated head-shaped objects.

Samuel Goldstein
siggraph (at)