Evolution of a Creature

As a 3D artist specializing in creatures and characters in pursuit of surrealism, I thought about what has influenced this dynamically fast moving field of artistic and technical research.

It was important for me as an artist to know where my art has come from the past to influence what we have now. The look and feel of a person's artwork can be linked to the tool makers and the research done to develop their tools. This artwork is based on this fact. I had previously done some artwork of a Griffon creature, and so this fur-and-feather-covered teapot is a reflection of where we have come from, and how my work and are evolving.

Technical Overview
This work was created with Autodesk's 3ds Max 7 and Ornatrix 1.4 hair plugin by Ephere on an AMD 64-bit fx53 chip with 2gig of RAM.

John van der Zalm
john (at) kaffeineproductions.com