My work is a journey of exploration and experience, then questioning and responding in the form of tangible and non-tangible creative processes. Art and our existence go together whether it is about socio-political, ecological, personal or emotional experiences.

The world around me is the inspiration for and source of ideas. It is very exciting and satisfying to find appropriate subjects and record images on the film for later use.

Clay is a very rich, tangible medium with which I can achieve painterly colors and textures that are embedded within forms. I also like to use glass and wood. From very simple concepts, I create elaborate and expressive work that becomes engaging and inviting.

In this piece, the concept is the dilemma of our existence within our environment. It is a simple concept, but it carries a complex message. The feeling I want to convey is a very simple metaphor represented by a surreal teapot that reveals interesting details as the observer approaches.

Technical Overview
Contrast is based on organic forms in nature. Digital images were transferred to Photoshop. Analog images were scanned. In Photoshop, the images were converted to positive output, which was used to expose the silkscreen. Then glazes were use to transfer the images to clay.

Different pieces were fired at different temperatures. The cube base was fired at cone 6. The teapot form was fired at cone 10 in a traditional gas kiln. The piece in between the teapot form and the cube was Raku fired.

Parul Desai
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