Special Projects

Soma: Physical Media Meditation
Daily Yoga & Meditation Sessions
Sunday - Thursday in the Guerilla Studio
Presenters: Heather Raikes, Genessa Krasnow

Twenty-minute immersive media yoga sessions and ambient meditation zones create a sanctuary for the integration of body and mind. Soma, a word connoting both physical body and ritual offering, explores new dimensions of physical experience while bringing opportunities for yoga practice, deep breathing, meditation, creative contemplation, and energetic rejuvenation to SIGGRAPH 2006 attendees. Wear your conference clothes for 20-minute yoga sessions and/or or 20-minute meditation zones. Wear your yoga gear for a 60-minute class every afternoon (mats will be provided).

Soma also invites attendees to generate thematic imagery, sound, and video for inclusion in the Guerilla Studio Meditation Stream, which will develop throughout the conference week.

Enter the Graffiti Research Lab
Sunday - Thursday in the Guerilla Studio
Presenters: James Powderly, Evan Roth

The Graffiti Research Lab demonstrates technologies that combine the aesthetic and intent of street art with DIY electronics, graphics software, digital fabrication tools, and the internet. Workshop participants contribute to creation of a geek mural that will redefine a public space at the conference.

This is an incredible opportunity to work with a dynamic and exciting group of artists who are presenting their work at events all over the United States. However, due to the cost of the materials involved in offering this workshop, the artists may need to charge a reasonable materials fee. Participants will take home the materials they purchase and the work they create for this project.

Interactive Holographic Window
Sunday - Thursday in the Guerilla Studio
Presenter: Flavia Sparacino

Flavia Sparacino from Sensing Places, a spinoff from the MIT Media Lab, captures 3D photographs and videos and simultaneously transforms them into holo-portraits and holo-landscapes, and displays them on a commercial auto-stereo display.

Attendees inside the the Guerrilla Studio use the display to interact with people outside, through the Interactive Holographic Window. Potential additional outcomes include 3D printing and texturing of the 3D photographs, and, in some instances, creation of interactive, responsive holo-portraits of the participants.

Painterly Rendering With Designed Imperfection
Sunday - Thursday in the Guerilla Studio
Presenters: Jin Wan Park, Bon Ki Koo, Rick Barry, Sung Dea Hong, Soo Jung Huh, Seung Whan Go, Kyung Hyun Yoon, Seung Taek Ryoo

Digital rendering of attendee portraits that resemble traditional paintings. The process is displayed in real time on a 50-inch PDP monitor, and the output is printed to paper via color inkjet and provided to the subject.

This project, supported by the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication, represents more than implementation of a tool for creation of painterly rendering; it is the result of ongoing scientific research. A collection of artists and scientists from Chung-Ang University and the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute formed a research team with the goal of simulating a representational painting style that achieves human-like imperfection.

Recontextualize Your Online Avatar With OGLE (OpenGLExtractor) and a 3D Printer or Google Earth

Sunday - Thursday in the Guerilla Studio
Lead Presenter: Michael Frumin
Presenter: Rob O'Neill

Eyebeam's Open Lab publishes the open-source software package OGLE (OpenGLExtractor) for capturing 3D geometries from applications using OpenGL. With OGLE, attendees can capture 3D geometries of avatars and other forms from a variety of video games. The captures will be fabricated with 3D-printers, exported into GoogleEarth, or saved for use in other applications.

The Iterated 69 Sessions
Sunday, 4:30 - 5 pm: Opening Interactive Jam Session Sunday - Thursday in the Guerilla Studio
Lead Presenter: Marjan Moghaddam
Presenters: Flavia Sparacino, Adam Caine, Michael Iannantuono, Richard Hagen

An interactive multimedia performance featuring live music with pre-recorded animations triggered by crowd detection. The piece references the visual language of the VJ culture and the musical sensibilities of noise guitar and art rock, while incorporating audience participation through computer vision in an interactive jam session. Throughout the week, 2D and 3D artwork from Guerilla Studio attendees will be modified by the performance data and shown alongside some of the original artwork generated during the performance.