Opening Events

The Iterated 69 Sessions
Opening Interactive Jam Session
Lead Presenter: Marjan Moghaddam
Presenters: Flavia Sparacino, Adam Caine, Michael Iannantuono, Richard Hagen
Sunday, 30 July
4:30 - 5 pm

An interactive multimedia performance featuring live music with pre-recorded animations triggered by crowd detection. The piece references the visual language of the VJ culture and the musical sensibilities of noise guitar and art rock, while incorporating audience participation through computer vision in an interactive jam session.
Throughout the week, 2D and 3D artwork from Guerilla Studio attendees will be modified by the performance data and shown alongside some of the original artwork generated during the performance.

Premier Viewing of the Guerilla Studio Documentary
Sunday, 30 July
5 - 5:30 pm

During SIGGRAPH 2005, Patricia Clark and her audio/visual team spent the week filming and documenting the rich history of people, events, stories, and technologies that make up the Guerilla Studio. Their documentary answers many frequently asked questions, including: How and when did the Guerilla Studio get started? What is the Guerilla Studio? Why is it unique and special to SIGGRAPH and conference attendees? Who are the people who create the magic that is the Guerilla Studio?