Shaping Up

Tuesday, 1 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 210
Session Chair: Karan Singh, University of Toronto

Variational, Meaningful Shape Decomposition
An algorithm for variational, meaningful shape decomposition based on a novel convexity metric. The algorithm doesn't require model-specific fine-tuning and operates on models with arbitrary genus.

Vladislav Krayevoy
Alla Sheffer
The University of British Columbia
vlady (at)
Implementation Details of SmoothSketch: 3D Free-Form Shapes From Complex Sketches
Implementation of a system for inferring a 3D shape from complex contour drawings containing tee-junctions and cusps. This sketch discusses the implementation details underlying the SIGGRAPH 2006 Paper: SmoothSketch: 3D Free-Form Shapes From Complex Sketches.

Olga A. Karpenko
John F. Hughes
Brown University
koa (at)
Extracting Boolean Isosurfaces From Tetrahedral Meshes
The TBIso algorithm computes isosurfaces of volumetric CSG surfaces. Feature lines and corners are identified and extracted as poly-line networks and preserved during subsequent hierarchical smoothing and simplification.

Gabriel Taubin
Peter G. Sibley
Brown University
taubin (at)
Perception-Based Construction of 3D Models From Line Drawings
A perception-based 3D reconstruction from a single-view image. The method uses a two-pass approach to optimize the hinging-angle between adjacent polygons using several conceptual constraints.

David Feng
Sangwon Lee
Bruce Gooch
Northwestern University
s-lee21 (at)