Tuesday, 1 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Hall B2
Session Chair: Caroline Larboulette, Vienna University of Technology

Rendering Grass Terrain in Real Time With Dynamic Lighting
A new approach to rendering realistic grass fields in real time with dynamic lighting, shadows, antialiasing, animation, and density management.

Kévin Boulanger
University of Central Florida and Institut de recherche en informatique et systèmes aléatoires
kevinb (at) cs.ucf.edu

Sumanta Pattanaik
University of Central Florida

Kadi Bouatouch
Institut de recherche en informatique et systèmes aléatoires
Simplified Tree Lighting Using Aggregate Normals
Aggregate normals take the shape of a leaf canopy into account during rendering. They help lighters produce a more appealing tree shape even without shadows.

Scott Peterson
PDI/DreamWorks Animation
Peterson (at) pdi.com

Lawrence Lee
DreamWorks Animation
Directing the Plant Interactions for "Over The Hedge"
An animation optimization for object interactions with large amounts of connected shapes, such as trees.

Gokhan Kisacikoglu
DreamWorks Animation
gkisacikoglu (at) dreamworks.com
A Procedural Modeling Workflow for "Over the Hedge" Foliage
The procedural modeling, animation, and rendering pipeline developed for DreamWorks Animation productions including "Over the Hedge."

Bruce Tartaglia
Rob Wilson
Olcun Tan
Scott Peterson
Jonathan Gibbs
DreamWorks Animation
btartaglia (at) dreamworks.com