Reprise of UIST, I3D, and Sandbox: The Videogame Symposium

Monday, 31 July
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 253

The User-Interface Software and Technology Symposium, the Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, and Sandbox: An ACM Videogame Symposium are sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH. This session presents abbreviated highlights from this year's symposia.

UIST 2006 Papers

Interacting With Large Displays From a Distance With Vision-Tracked Multi-Finger Gestural Input
Shahzad Malik
Abhishek Ranjan
Ravin Balakrishnan
University of Toronto

Artistic Resizing: A Technique For Rich Scale-Sensitive Vector Graphics
Pierre Dragicevic
University of Toronto

Stephane Chatty
David Thevenin

Jean-Luc Vinot

Informal Prototyping of Continuous Graphical Interactions by Demonstration
Yang Li
University of Washington

James Landay
University of Washington and Intel Research Seattle

I3D 2006 Papers

Fast Scene Voxelization and Applications
Elmar Eisemann

Xavier Décoret

Human Motion Estimation From a Reduced Marker Set
Guodong Liu
Jingdan Zhang
Wei Wang
Leonard McMillan
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Triangle Order Optimization for Graphics Hardware Computation Culling
Diego Nehab
Princeton University

Joshua Barczak
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Pedro V. Sander
ATI Research

Sandbox: An ACM Videogame Symposium 2006 Summary
Drew Davidson, Conference Chair