Touchy Feely

Tuesday, 1 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 157
Session Chair: Steven Schkolne, California Institute of the Arts

Haptic Radar/Extended Skin Project
Artificial, opto-electronic-based hairs or "cat whiskers" for augmented spatial awareness.

Alvaro Cassinelli
Carson Reynolds
Masatoshi Ishikawa
The University of Tokyo
alvaro (at)
Affective TouchCasting
Touch is a powerful conduit for emotional expression. Affective TouchCasting is a new art form that complements broadcast media with haptic affect in a wearable device.

Leonardo Bonanni
Cati Vaucelle
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
cati (at)
CREATUREs: Designing Interactive Interior Lamps
Interior lamps designed to generate intimacy for living environments. The lamps can be subjects of affective interaction.

Atsuro Ueki
Kotaro Watanabe
Masa Inakage
Keio University
atsurou (at)
HiTV: Affective Interaction and Feedback Interface for TV
HiTV provides affective interaction and feedback capabilities for TV experiences. It encourages viewers to react to TV content with affective actions.

Chia-Hsun Jackie Lee
Chaochi Chang
Hyemin Chung
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
jackylee (at)