Geometry to Go

Thursday, 3 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 258
Session Chair: Mark VandeWettering, Pixar Animation Studios
GPU-Accelerated Transparent Point-Based Rendering
The first solution to full-featured rendering, including multi-layer transparency shading effects, of point-based surfaces.

Yanci Zhang
Renato Pajarola
Universität Zürich
pajarola (at)
The Quantized Kd-Tree: Compression of Huge Point-Sampled Models
The Quantized Kd-Tree is a point-cloud compression scheme suited for ray tracing purposes.

Erik Hubo
Expertise Centre for Digital Media, Universiteit Hasselt
erik.hubo (at)

Tom Mertens
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Philippe Bekaert
Expertise Centre for Digital Media, Universiteit Hasselt
A Novel and Efficient Progressive Lossless Mesh Coder
A progressive lossless mesh coder that compresses arbitrary triangular meshes with superior rate-distortion performance. It has a great potential for 3D data streaming in mobile environments.

Jingliang Peng
Ilya Eckstein
C.C. Jay Kuo
University of Southern California
jingliap (at)
Streaming Terrain Rendering
A client-server system for serving and streaming large terrains to heterogenous clients.

Soumyajit Deb
Microsoft Research
sdeb (at)

P.J. Narayanan
Shiben Bhattacharjee
International Institute of Information Technology