Skin Deep

Thursday, 3 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 210
Session Chair: Diego Gutiérrez, Universidad de Zaragoza

A Completely Procedural Approach to Materials
Through a unique set of procedural texturing tools for Blue Sky's proprietary renderer CGIStudio, painted maps have been virtually eliminated from the materials process.

Michael Eringis
Blue Sky Studios
Powerhouse (at)
A Spectral Shading Model for Human Skin
A practical spectral shading model for human skin. The model simulates the full range of skin appearance using only four intuitive parameters.

Craig Donner
Henrik Wann Jensen
University of California, San Diego
cdonner (at)
  Scattered Spherical Harmonics Approximation for Accelerated Volume Rendering
A method for approximating spherical harmonics by using least-squares fitting, which leads to fast precomputation and efficient storage requirements.

Nafees Bin Zafar
Digital Domain

Johan Akesson
Linköpings universitet

Doug Roble
Digital Domain

Ken Museth
Linköpings universitet
nafees (at)
Single-Pass Wireframe Rendering

A novel and fast single-pass technique for wireframe rendering with hidden surface removal.

J. Andreas Bærentzen
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
jab (at)

Steen Lund Nielsen
Flux Studios and Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Mikkei Gjøl

Bent D. Larsen
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet and Dalux

Niels Jørgen Christensen
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet