Tuesday, 1 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 210
Session Chair: Daniel Maskit, Digital Domain

World-Space Servoing for Character Animation Under Simulation
A new method for combining physics simulation with motion capture data in real time produces realistic dynamic movement of video game characters.

Pawel Wrotek
Odest Chadwicke Jenkins
Brown University

Morgan McGuire
Williams College
morgan (at)
Quick Transitions Using Multi-Way Blends
A method for responsive, high-quality synthesis of human animation that can generate a transition of user-specified length between any two frames of motion.

Leslie Ikemoto
University of California, Berkeley
lesliei (at)

Okan Arikan
University of Texas Austin

David Forsyth
University of California, Berkeley and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Automatic Splicing for Hand and Body Animations
A simple yet effective technique for aligning hand and full-body motion that exploits characteristics of human gestures.

Anna Majkowska
University of California, Los Angeles
annam (at)

Victor Zordan
University of California, Riverside

Petros Faloutsos
University of California, Los Angeles
Anticipating Impacts
An approach for computing and achieving compelling protective poses for a character in anticipation of an impending collision.

Ronald Metoyer
Oregon State University
metoyer (at)

Victor Zordan
University of California, Riverside

Benjamin Hermens
Oregon State University

Chun-Chih Wu
Marc Soriano
University of California, Riverside