Worth a Thousand Words

Thursday, 3 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 253
Session Chair: François Guimbretière, University of Maryland, College Park

TagOrbitals: A Tag Index Visualization
TagOrbitals are a new way of visualizing tag indexes. They display an entire index at once, each tag's relationship to other tags, and other details of the tagged items.

Bernard Kerr
IBM Research
bernard_kerr (at) yahoo.com
The Bridge Project: A Visualization Exercise on Free Association and Internet Query and Search Mechanisms
A 3D environment that contains a structure composed of modules containing visual content based on free associations harvested from search engines.

Elif Ayiter
Sabanci Üniversitesi
ayiter (at) sabanciuniv.edu
Visualizing Uncertainty in Archaeological Reconstructions: A Possibilistic Approach
A new approach to visualizing uncertainty in heritage reconstructions. The archaeologist's knowledge about reconstructed areas is derived by using possibility theory and visualized with pseudocolour sequences.

Maria Sifniotis
Ben Jackson
Martin White
Katerina Mania
Phil Watten
University of Sussex
m.sifniotis (at) sussex.ac.uk
A Synthetic Moviemaker for Spatial Representation
A new type of digital animation tool for architects that automatically constructs a stylized cinematic representation of a given geometric model of a building.

Takehiko Nagakura
Panagiotis Chatzitsakyris
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
takehiko (at) mit.edu