Fast & Cheap

Thursday, 3 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 258
Session Chair: Kevin Bjorke, NVIDIA Corporation

Fast Approximation to Spherical Harmonics Rotation
A fast and simple approximation of spherical harmonic rotation. The approximation decreases the asymptotic complexity of the rotation. The speed-up in practical applications is 4 to 6.

Jaroslav Krivanek
Czech Technical University
xkrivanj (at)

Jaakko Konttinen
Sumanta Pattanaik
University of Central Florida

Kadi Bouatouch

Jiri Zara
Czech Technical University
Real-Time All-Frequency Relighting in Local Frame
A method for real-time rendering of scenes with realistic shadow effects, complex BRDFs, bump mapping, and spatially varying BRDFs under varying complex illumination and changing view on graphics hardware.

Wan-Chun Ma
Chun-Tse Hsiao
Ken-Yi Lee
Yung-Yu Chuang
National Taiwan University
alexma98 (at)
Real-Time Rendering of Realistic Rain
A new GPU-based technique to render realistic rain. It includes off-line extraction of rain mattes from videos and a particle system that uses PRT to incorporate the scene radiance.

Lifeng Wang
Zhouchen Lin
Microsoft Research Asia

Tian Fang
South China University of Technology

Xu Yang
Nankai University

Xuan Yu
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Sing Bing Kang
Microsoft Research
sbkang (at)
Sequential Sampling for Dynamic Environment Maps
A sequential mechanism for sampling from the product distribution of the illumination and the BRDF in the presence of dynamic environments and specular BRDFs.

Abhijeet Ghosh
Arnaud Doucet
Wolfgang Heidrich
The University of British Columbia
ghosh (at)