A Brave New World

Thursday, 3 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 205
Session Chair: Wendy Ju, Stanford University

Theater of Embedded Intelligence
Design and implementation of a computer-generated, computer-controlled theatrical setting for performance of a children's play: Go Dog Go.

Eric Sauda
Chris Beorkrem
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
ejsauda (at) email.uncc.edu
MASTABA: The Household Shrine of The Future With Archived Digital Pictures
The household shrine of the future, in which families hand down their memories through digital photos.

Daisuke Uriu
Takahiro Ogasawara
Naohito Shimizu
Naohito Okude
Keio Media Design
uriu (at) sfc.keio.ac.jp
A Nested Marker for Augmented Reality
A recursive layered structure that enables close-up views of augmented-reality scenes and enlarges the range of the moving area.

Keisuke Tateno
Itaru Kitahara
Yuichi Ohta
University of Tsukuba
tateno (at) image.esys.tsukuba.ac.jp
An ambient installation based on visual hull reconstruction from multiple cameras on the GPU to find body intersections with floors and walls so users can detect their absence.

Kevin Quennesson
Ali Mazalek
Georgia Institute of Technology, GVU Center
kevin.quennesson (at) polytechnique.org