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Thursday, 3 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 253
Session Chair: Ken Perlin, New York University

POCOMZ: An Ambient Media Device With IM Application "wija"
An ambient media device that works with instant-messenger applications to provide a new way of internet-based communication. Real-space ambience is produced through virtual connections with other people.

Kyoici Sakamoto
Kenji Saito
Aya Shigefuji
Anna Takahashi
Masa Inakage
Keio University
ks91 (at)
Metazoa Ludens
A revolutionary system that allows pets to play computer games with humans. These games will provide beneficial new relations and support progressive evolution of the Metazoa species.

Roger Thomas K.C. Tan
Nanyang Technological University
rogerthomastan (at)

Vladimir Todorovic

James K.S. Teh
Nanyang Technological University

Goran Andrejin

Lee Shang Ping
Adrian David Cheok
Nanyang Technological University
Robo Topobo: Improvisational Performance With Robotic Toys
A controller that allows users to save, replay, and modulate playback of up to four kinetic recordings created with Topobo, a constructive assembly system with kinetic memory.

Hayes Raffle
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
hayes (at)

Laura Yip
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hiroshi Ishii
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
MARA: An Augmented Personal Assistant and Companion
A personal assistant that uses augmented reality to realize a new type of user interface based on a virtual human companion.

Andreas Schmeil
Wolfgang Broll
Fraunhofer FIT
andreas.schmeil (at)