New Tricks for Old Dogs

Thursday, 3 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 258
Session Chair: Apurva Shah, Pixar Animation Studios

Normal Transformations for Articulated Models
An exact method for normal transformation on SSD models, and an examination of the errors introduced by approximations.

Bruce Merry
Patrick Marais
James Gain
University of Cape Town
bmerry (at)
Random Numbers for Computer Graphics
A new hashing function, called Goulburn, which is better-suited for computer graphics applications than the popular existing solutions.

Mayur Patel
Digital Domain
drone115b (at)
Simultaneous Matting and Compositing
By integrating matting and compositing into a single optimization process, this system can compose foreground elements onto a new background more efficiently than previous approaches.

Jue Wang
University of Washington
juew (at)

Michael F. Cohen
Microsoft Research
An Improved Representation for Stroke-Based Fonts
For a typical Asian typeface, traditional outline-based fonts require ~5-10 MBs. Existing stroke-based fonts lack expressiveness. Rich Stroke Fonts provide detailed and expressive fonts with a small memory footprint.

Elena J. Jakubiak
Tufts University
jakubiak (at)

Ronald N. Perry
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)

Sarah F. Frisken
Tufts University