FX and The City

Thursday, 3 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 205
Session Chair: Caroline Larboulette, Vienna University of Technology

Hierarchical Simplification of City Models to Maintain Urban Legibility
A novel method for simplifying urban models based on the city-planning concept of urban legibility, using techniques from discrete levels of detail and merging of hierarchical clustering.

Remco Chang
Thomas Butkiewicz
Caroline Ziemkiewicz
Zachary Wartell
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
rchang (at) uncc.edu

Nancy Pollard
Carnegie Mellon University

William Ribarsky
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Customizable Panoramic Maps
A technique for making oblique-view maps with computer graphics approaches that enables customization of map contents. The technique revives the lost art of panoramic map making.

Neeharika Adabala
Kentaro Toyama
Microsoft Research India
neeha (at) microsoft.com
Interactive Video Exploration Using Pose Slices
An interactive video browser that addresses two inherent bottlenecks in video browsing (user time and screen space) by rendering instantaneous objects' appearances, denoted as pose slices.

Anat Axelrod
Tel Aviv University
anataxel (at) post.tau.ac.il

Yaron Caspi
Weizmann Institute of Science

Alon Gamliel
Tel Aviv University

Yasuyuki Matsushita
Microsoft Research Asia
Implementing Real-Time Video Abstraction
This sketch complements the SIGGRAPH 2006 paper: Real-Time Video Abstraction. It is an in-depth discussion of implementation details and design considerations that are only briefly treated in the paper.

Sven C. Olsen
Holger Winnemöller
Bruce Gooch
Northwestern University sven (at) cs.northwestern.edu