Face to Face

Tuesday, 1 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Hall B2
Session Chair: Steve Derrick, Vicarious Visions

Facial Performance Capture and Expressive Translation for "King Kong"
Successfully conveying and translating the most ferocious to the most subtle and soulful moments from Andy Serkis' performance to the face of King Kong required innovative motion capture processing techniques.

Mark Sagar
Rudy Grossman
Weta Digital
marksagar (at) hotmail.com
Markerless Facial Motion Capture Using Texture Extraction and Nonlinear Optimization
A markerless facial motion capture algorithm that uses a novel texture-based error metric, eliminating the need for precise camera calibration and providing flexible controls for tuning the optimization.

Eugene Vendrovsky
Ivan Neulander
Rhythm & Hues Studios
ivan (at) rhythm.com
Playable Universal Capture
A production-level animated facial geometry and texture capture system and how to use the captured assets in real-time interactive applications using a variant of PCA compression.

George Borshukov
Jefferson Montgomery
Witek Werner
Barry Ruff
James Lau
Paul Thuriot
Patrick Mooney
Stefan Van Niekerk
Dave Raposo
Jean-Luc Duprat
John Hable
Håkan Kihlström
Daniel Roizman
Kevin Noone
Jeff O'Connell
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Gborshukov (at) ea.com
Expressive Facial Animation Using Quasi-Eigen Faces
A new method for generating expression bases for a blendshape system, which have intuitively recognizable shapes but significantly reduced reconstruction errors compared to hand-generated bases.

Ig-Jae Kim
Seoul National University and Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Drjay (at) graphics.snu.ac.kr

Hyeong-Seok Ko
Seoul National University