Rigging the Game

Thursday, 3 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 210
Session Chair: Daniel Maskit, Digital Domain

Progressive Skinning for Video Game Character Animations
A level-of-detail character animation system for video games that can be used in conjunction with existing data on current gaming systems.

Simon James Pilgrim
University College London/UK Studio, Electronic Arts Inc.

Alberto Aguado
Kenny Mitchell
UK Studio, Electronic Arts Inc.

Anthony Steed
University College London
BlockParty: Modular Rigging Encoded in a Geometric Volume
An innovative approach in which creature rigging and deformations are encoded in a geometric volume. The rigs are broken into logical, interconnected units that are easily interchangeable.

Jeff White
Jason Smith
Industrial Light & Magic
j2white1 (at) yahoo.com
Smart Cars: Driving the Characters in "Cars"
In Pixar's "Cars," even the most basic methods of character movement and gesture needed to be re-thought. This sketch focuses on two technologies created to solve these problems.

Tim Milliron
Fareed Behmaram-Mosavat
Pixar Animation Studios
tm (at) pixar.com
Davy Jones' Beard: Rigid Tentacle Simulation
The techniques and tools developed for rigid simulation of the CG character Davy Jones from the feature film "Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest."

Brice Criswell
Karin Derlich
Don Hatch
Industrial Light & Magic
brice (at) ilm.com