Effects Omelette

Wednesday, 2 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Hall C
Session Chair: Apurva Shah, Pixar Animation Studios

Directable Simulation of Stylized Water-Splash Effects in 3D Space
This sketch identifies stylized visual qualities found in traditionally animated 2D water-splash effects and establishes a method for capturing their essence, posing them, and animating them in 3D space.

John David Thornton
Blue Sky Studios
Jdt (at) blueskystudios.com
Cartoon Motion Blur for 3D Animation
Using 2D techniques as reference, PDI fx animators came up with three different particle-based methods for creating cartoon motion blur in 3D animated movies.

Andrew Wheeler
Joanne Thiel
Greg Hart
awheeler (at) pdi.com
"King Kong" - The Building of 1933 New York City
Computer Animation Festival Sketch For Peter Jackson's "King Kong." Weta Digital created an historically accurate 3D digital model of the entire island of Manhattan, as well as parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey. Excerpts from "King Kong" are featured in the Electronic Theater.

R. Christopher White
Weta Digital Ltd.
The Wrecked Road in "Cars," or How to Damage Perfectly Good Geometry
An innovative approach to modeling, animating, and shading the wrecked road in a key effects sequence in "Cars," illustrated by several shots from the film.

Ferdi Scheepers
Andy Whittock
Pixar Animation Studios
ferdi (at) pixar.com