Splish Splash

Monday, 31 July
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 210
Session Chair: Robert Bridson, The University of British Columbia

A Procedural Ocean Toolkit
A description of an ocean system created at Digital Domain for rendering a CG ocean with wakes from thousands of boats and waves crashing onto shore.

Marten Larsson
Jens Zalzala
Greg Duda
Digital Domain
Mlarsson (at) d2.com
Character Splash System
This system demonstrates several processes for automatic splash generation, localized fluid simulation, surface generation, and surface integration.

Scott Cegielski
DreamWorks Animation
scottc (at) anim.dreamworks.com
  So Real It'll Make You Wet
How Industrial Light & Magic created multiple shots of photorealistic water for "Poseidon," ranging from huge long shots to extreme close-ups.

Willi Geiger
Mohen Leo
Nick Rasmussen
Industrial Light & Magic
wgeiger (at) ilm.com

Ronald Fedkiw
Stanford University and Industrial Light & Magic

Frank Losasso
Stanford University
Flooding "Ice Age: The Meltdown" Using Wavesynth and Point-Based Froth
This sketch introduces an effects technique developed at Blue Sky Studios for creating floodwater on "Ice Age: The Meltdown." Wavesynth is a layered spectrum-based technique using Gerstner waves.

Simon Brown
Rhett Collier
Blue Sky Studios
Simon (at) blueskystudios.com