Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization (APGV)

180. Distance Estimation in Virtual Environments Using Bisection
Jingjing Meng
John J. Rieser
Bobby Bodenheimer
Vanderbilt University
jingjing.meng (at)

181. Egocentric Medium-Field Distance Perception in Projection Environments
Eric Klein
Oliver G. Staadt
University of California, Davis

J. Edward Swan II
Mississippi State University

Greg Schmidt
Mark A. Livingston
Naval Research Lab
elklein (at)

182. Exploring Large Virtual Environments With an HMD on Foot
Betsy Williams
Gayathri Narasimham
Bjoern Rump
Timothy P. McNamara
Thomas H. Carr
John Rieser
Bobby Bodenheimer
Vanderbilt University
betsy.williams (at)

183. Great Grids: How and Why?
Maureen Stone
StoneSoup Consulting

Lyn Bartram
Diane Gromala
Simon Fraser University
stone (at)

184. Hiding Seams in High-Dynamic-Range Panoramas
Gregory Ward
BrightSide Technologies
gward (at)

185. iCAM for High-Dynamic-Range Image Rendering
Jiangtao Kuang
Garrett M. Johnson
Mark D. Fairchild
Rochester Institute of Technology
jxk4031 (at)

186. iComp: A Tool for Scanpath Visualization and Comparison
John Heminghous
Andrew T. Duchowski
Clemson University
jheming (at)

187. Making Distance Judgments in Real and Virtual Environments: Does Order Make a Difference?
Christine Ziemer
Jodie Plumert
James Cremer
Joseph Kearney
University of Iowa
christine-ziemer (at)

188. Multiple Perspectives in Computer Graphics: Arguments From Perceptual Grouping and Renaissance Art
Elodie Fourquet
William Cowan
Stephen Mann
University of Waterloo
efourque (at)

189. Optical Flow, Geometric Field of View, and Requested Vehicle Velocity
Ronald R. Mourant
Najla Ahmad
Charles Adetiloye
Beverly K. Jaeger
Northeastern University
mourant (at)

190. Point-to-Origin Experiments in VR Revealed Novel Qualitative Errors in Visual Path Integration
Bernhard Riecke
Jan M. Wiener
Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik
bernhard.riecke (at)

191. Presence, Rather Than Prior Exposure, Is the More Strongly Indicated Factor in the Accurate Perception of Egocentric Distances in Real-World Co-Located Immersive Virtual Environments
Brian Ries
Victoria Interrante
Lee Anderson
Jason Lindquist
University of Minnesota
riesbr (at)

192. Representations That Promote Cognition: The Case of Chemistry Visualization Tools
Mario Valle
Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
mvalle (at)

193. The Detection, Perception, and Object-Presence Framework: A Unified Structure for Investigating Illusory Representations of Reality
Emily Bennett
Brett Stevens
University of Portsmouth
emily.bennett (at)

194. The Effect of Rotational Ego-Motion on the Perception of High-Fidelity Animations
Gavin Ellis
Alan Chalmers
Kurt Debattista
University of Bristol
ellis (at)

195. The Effect of Warm and Cool Colors on Depth Ordering
Reynold Bailey
Cindy Grimm
Christopher Davoli
Washington University at St. Louis
rjb1 (at)

196. The Relationship Among Age and Other Factors on Incidence of Cybersickness in Immersive Environment Users
Melinda M. Knight
Microsoft Corporation

Laura L. Arns
Purdue University
melinda (at)

197. Visualization With Smooth Oriented Textures and Flows: Insights From Perception
Ohad Ben-Shahar
Ben-Gurion University
ben-shahar (at)

198. Weaving vs. Blending: A Quantitative Assessment of the Information-Carrying Capacities of Two Alternative Methods for Conveying Multivariate Data With Color
Haleh Hagh-Shenas
Victoria Interrante
University of Minnesota

Christopher Healey
North Carolina State University

Sunghee Kim
Gettysburg College
haleh (at)