Visualization: Scientific

167. Multi-Tier Graphical Web Service for Simulating Reflectometry in Plasma
Gerrit Kramer
Ernest Valeo
Raffi Nazikian
Douglas McCune
Eliot Feibush
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
efeibush (at)

168. Brain Structure Visualization Using Spectral Fiber Clustering
Jan Klein
Felix Ritter
Horst K. Hahn
Jan Rexilius
Heinz-Otto Peitgen
MeVis - Center for Medical Diagnostic Systems and Visualization klein (at)

169. Projecting Surface Curvature Maps
John Rugis
john.rugis (at)

170. Interactive 3D Graphics for Web-Based Data Analysis and Visualization for the Digital Fish Library
German Eichberger
Cameron N. Perry
HJ Walker
Phil Hastings
University of California, San Diego
geichberger (at)

Lars Linsen
Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald

Larry R. Frank
University of California, San Diego

171. A User Interface for High-Dynamic-Range Transfer Function Design
Jürgen P. Schulze
University of California, San Diego
schulze (at)

Amit Chourasis
San Diego Supercomputer Center and University of California, San Diego

172. Perceptual Coloring and 2D Sketching for Segmentation of Neural Pathways
Wenjin Zhou
Peter G. Sibley
Song Zhang
David F. Tate
David H. Laidlaw
Brown University
wzhou (at)

173. Elliptical Weighting for Directional Enhancement in Controlled Texture Synthesis
Francesca Taponecco
Thomas Rieger
Technischen Universität Darmstad
rieger (at)

174. Integration of 2D and 3D Medical Data for Education
Oscar Ariza
Pablo Figueroa
Gustavo Valbuena
Universidad de los Andes
o-ariza (at)