Art and Design Tools

18. Smooth Origami Animation by Crease Line Adjustment
Tomohiro Tachi
The University of Tokyo
tachi.tomohiro (at)

19. Designing No-Surprise Teapots
Christoph von Tycowicz
Jörn Loviscach
Hochschule Bremen
Izual (at)

20. Light, Materiality, and Narrative; Beyond Form-Making in Architecture
Andrzej Zarzycki
Rhode Island School of Design
Zarzycki (at)

21. Content-Based Sketch Annotation for Collaboration
Sin Eun-Joo
SookMyung Women's University
kiki75 (at)

Choy Yoon-Chul
Yonsei University

Lim Soon-Bum
SookMyung Women's University

22. Evolving Visual Representations
Anargyros Sarafopoulos
Bournemouth University
Asarafop (at)

Bernard Buxton
University College London

23. Raster to Thread - Pixel to Stitch
Leslie Nobler Farber
William Paterson University
Farberl (at)

24. A Video Human-Computer Interface to Record Paintings in Progress
Xavier Clady
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
xavier.clady (at)

25. A Life-Likeness Induced by Interaction With Abstract Expression Using a Reaction-Diffusion Model
Tomohiro Akagawa
tormob (at)

26. Presentation 2.0: Automatic Visualization of Correlated Information
Shintaro Takemura
Wataru Sugawara
Soft Advance K.K.
Stakemura (at)

27. The Texture of Light
Cati Vaucelle
Harvard University
Cati (at)