Light Transport

Thursday, 3 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Hall C
Session Chair: Ravi Ramamoorthi, Columbia University

Simulating Multiple Scattering in Hair Using a Photon-Mapping Approach
Physically accurate rendering of hair volumes requires simulation of multiple scattering. This paper proposes a 5D photon-mapping approach that efficiently approximates the contribution of multiple scattering in hair.

Jonathan T. Moon
Stephen R. Marschner
Cornell University

Statistical Acceleration for Animated Global Illumination
Acceleration of animated indirect illumination computations by rendering fast but noisy solutions followed by statistics-based denoising. The resulting animation has low computational cost and reduced noise.

Mark Meyer
John Anderson
Pixar Animation Studios

Multidimensional Lightcuts
Multidimensional lightcuts efficiently and scalably render sophisticated effects including motion blur, depth of field, antialiasing, and volume scattering. Key components include an implicit hierarchy, analytic bounds, and a perceptual metric.

Bruce Walter
Adam Arbree
Kavita Bala
Donald P. Greenberg
Cornell University

Direct-to-Indirect Transfer for Cinematic Relighting
A real-time GPU relighting engine for multiple-bounce indirect illumination supporting complex scenes and procedural light shaders. The method efficiently precomputes and compresses the transfer from direct to indirect illumination.

Miloš Hašan
Cornell University

Fabio Pellacini
Dartmouth College

Kavita Bala
Cornell University