Precomputed Transfer

Wednesday, 2 August
3:45 - 6 pm
Hall C
Session Chair: Fabio Pellacini, Dartmouth College

Real-Time BRDF Editing in Complex Lighting
This paper introduces the capability to edit material properties of objects in a scene, while providing real-time feedback of the effects of those edits in images rendered with complex lighting and cast shadows.

Aner Ben-Artzi
Ryan Overbeck
Ravi Ramamoorthi
Columbia University

Generalized Wavelet Product Integral for Rendering Dynamic Glossy Objects
This paper considers fast computation of two basic problems: multi-function product integral and its dual, product of multiple functions, with a practical application in real-time lighting design.
Implementation Sketch

Weifeng Sun
Amar Mukherjee
University of Central Florida

All-Frequency Precomputed Radiance Transfer Using Spherical Radial Basis Functions and Clustered Tensor Approximation
This paper introduces a new data representation and compression technique for all-frequency precomputed radiance transfer. The work successfully achieves compact storage space and real-time rendering performance in dynamic lighting environments.

Yu-Ting Tsai
Zen-Chung Shih
National Chiao Tung University

Real-Time Soft Shadows in Dynamic Scenes Using Spherical Harmonic Exponentiation
Rendering soft shadows from low-frequency lighting in real time within dynamic scenes including moving characters. Blockers are approximated as sphere sets whose visibility is accumulated in log space.

Zhong Ren
Rui Wang
Zhejiang University

John Snyder
Microsoft Research

Kun Zhou
Xinguo Liu
Microsoft Research Asia

Bo Sun
Columbia University

Peter-Pike Sloan
Microsoft Corporation

Hujun Bao
Qunsheng Peng
Zhejiang University

Baining Guo
Microsoft Research Asia

Precomputed Acoustic Transfer: Output-Sensitive, Accurate Sound Generation for Geometrically Complex Vibration Sources
A new precomputation-based algorithm for efficient (real-time) computation of spatially varying sound pressure from geometrically complex objects undergoing harmonic vibrations.

Doug L. James
Jernej Barbič
Carnegie Mellon University

Dinesh K. Pai
Rutgers University and The University of British Columbia