Video Games: Content and Responsibility

Wednesday, 2 August
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 210

Since their invention, video games have been accused of many things, including: Of course, the same complaints have been made about radio, television, the internet, and computers in general. Are all or any of these concerns valid?

When will someone write games that girls want to play, or has it already been done? Do fun and educational video games exist? Do video games train people to be violent, or do they provide a safe way to vent violent tendencies? Does the ESRB rating system go too far, or not far enough? Are game developers and publishers taking enough responsibility for their creations? Are consumers using their products responsibly?

Jonathan Cho Yan Chan
University of Hong Kong

Jason Della Rocca
International Game Developers Association

Tamsen Mitchell
Shaba Games, Inc.

David Walsh
National Institute for Media and the Family