Special Events

Remote Conference Session with Tokyo: Interactive Game Demo, "Andrew Rivolski"
In cooperation with imgl, Keio University.
Open throughout SIGGRAPH 2006, 8 am - 6 pm each day.

Fast-Forward Papers Preview
Sunday, 30 July, 6 - 8 pm

Snapshot overviews of the paper sessions, in which authors give short summaries of their work. It's a fast, fun, and provocative preview of the latest and most significant findings in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Unravel: The 2006 Fashion Show
10 - 11 pm, Monday, 31 July
Roxy, 279 Tremont Street
Boston, Massachusetts

Curator: Amanda Parkes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Lab

A runway show featuring the latest convergence of mobile technology and conceptual couture: streetwear and casual, functional garments of innovative materials, fabrication, and design.

ACM Student Research Competition Presentations
Tuesday, 1 August, 10:30 am - 12:15 pm

Winners of the ACM Student Research Competition at SIGGRAPH 2006 present brief summaries of the work they are displaying in the Posters program.

Educational Robotics: The Next Generation
Wednesday, 2 August, 5 - 6 pm

Come see a showcase of innovative educational-robotics projects, using the latest in build-it-yourself robotics technologies, including LEGO Mindstorms NXT, PicoCrickets, and Topobo.

Mitch Resnick
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Lab