In this installation, computer vision and full-body interaction allow participants to experience six different types of actions usually performed by avatars in videogames.

Enhanced Life
Unlike most computer-vision or sensor-based games like Eye-toy or Dance Dance Revolution, in MOVE the player IS the avatar. Players do not see representations of themselves or indirect results of their actions on a separate screen. Instead, they interact directly with the projected graphical constituents of the game. Because those graphical elements are non-representational, they do not allow for a projection in a fictional space. The combination of abstracted shapes and direct interaction reinforces the player's focus on the action itself instead of an ulterior goal.

To create a video-game user experience with the setting and methods of interactive art.

MOVE investigates the field of game art from a user perspective by situating it at the intersections of art, games, and interactive media.

Andrew Hieronymi
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Andrew Hieronymi

Togo Kida
University of California, Los Angeles