A unique display system that interactively transforms and animates a 3D solid object. A model house rotates at high speed, illuminated with special lighting from a digital projector, which distorts it into various shapes.

Enhanced Life
Like TV systems, Morphovision employs persistence of vision, so it has potential as a new 3D image-display technique for television.

To create unique three-dimensional images and pursue this technology's application as a 3D image system of the future.

The line-shaped images of the digital projector are used as lighting for the high-speed rotating model. The model's high-speed rotation is synchronized with the lighting by a rotating polygon mirror that reflects the line-shaped CG images of the digital projector. The type of lighting is controlled by a touch panel.

Morphovision's sense of reality and freedom of transforming and distorting a solid model has never been realized with previous technology. There is currently a great difference between real-life models and digitally composited models, but Morphovison will obscure the boundaries between them and greatly influence future art and science displays.

Emerging Technologies Sketch

Takashi Fukaya
NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories
fukaya.t-ha (at)

Toshio Iwai
Media Artist

Yuko Yamanouchi
NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories