An interactive product that expands the drawing experience. With livePic, you can "move" and "control" the pictures you draw. It senses your interaction from the board, and pictures move inside the canvas as if they are alive.

Enhanced Life
livePic stimulates children's potential creativity and sensibility.

To interconnect a still camera, a video camera, and objects in the real world, and deliver diversified information to a context-aware system.

The major innovation is the interactive relationship between the image and the user's physical action. It is not easy to move a picture that you draw, whether the medium is digital or analog. Unlike other digital systems, livePic requires no configuration. Its intuitive interface can move the image in real time and help the user discover joyful new experiences.

livePic explores the play style of the future by blurring the boundary between art and science.

Emerging Technologies Sketch

Makoto Katsura
imgl Inakage Lab, Keio University

Masa Inakage
imgl Inakage Lab, Keio University