Copycat Hand

A humanoid robot hand that imitates the motions of human at 150 fps or faster.

Enhanced Life
This "copycat" robot hand can perform dexterous motions like those of human beings, and, in the near future, it will be able to create new motions. For example, it is now learning how to hold and handle a pen and write characters by watching and mimicking human motions. This achievement will support development of intelligent robots that can generate various kinds of useful motions and solve problems by themselves in the real world.

To implement a robot that can learn to perform dexterous human motions.

Copycat Hand proposes a new hand-posture estimation method that rearranges a large-scale database with a self-organizing map. The technique includes self-reproduction and self-annihilation, which enable two-step searches of similar images with minimal processing time and errors, and without search deviation.

The next step in this project is to develop matrix-pressure sensors that are as thin and soft as human skin. A robotic hand with those characteristics, and with sufficient degrees of freedom in its movement can continue progress toward a robot that can learn human dexterous motions by observation.

Kiyoshi Hoshino
University of Tsukuba

Takanobu Tanimoto
University of Tsukuba

Ichiro Kawabuchi
TechExperts Inc.