Incompatible BLOCK: Wonders-Accompanied Interface

For interface design, improving user curiosity is important, as is intuitiveness and intelligibility. The wonder of 2D property input becoming 3D will also be effective for enhancing availability. Incompatible BLOCK is 3D-modeling software with an interface of such wonders.

Enhanced Life
This project shows how users can complete a task comfortably by using software with an interface of wonders.

To apply wonders as an element of effective interface design to enhance user curiosity and to help users and user-interface designers understand the important of wonders.

Modeling interfaces of commercial 3D modeling software have been developed with an emphasis on intuitiveness and distinctness. This project offers a new approach to 3D-modeling interface design.

Incompatible BLOCK incorporates wonders derived from the discrepancy between three dimensions and two dimensions to enhance user curiosity. This will enhance curiosity and availability.

Emerging Technologies Sketch

Jun Fujiki
Kyushu University
fujiki (at)

Kiyoshi Tomimatsu
Taketoshi Ushiama
Kyushu University