argoGroup: The Interactive Theatre

Recipient of le Prix Emerging Technologies at Laval Virtual 2006 and presented as part of the exchange agreement between Laval Virtual and ACM SIGGRAPH.

The argoGroup theatre combines group navigation, social experience, and significant individual interaction. At SIGGRAPH 2006, the theatre presents a program of artistic, educational, and entertaining interactive shows in stereoscopy (3D).

Enhanced Life
In the argoGroup theatre, group interaction, immersion, high-end real-time graphics are presented in a strong, operational solution. Its control metaphor enables a group to actually control all the components of the show: image, sound, and special effects. Multilingual audiences can form teams to control the experience. The project relies on an innovative assembly of specific interaction hardware and software.

To demonstrate innovative, participative media for large audiences and immersive theatres in museums, theme parks, and other communication and entertainment venues.

This new medium (group and multilingual interaction) was developed to deliver educational content to a broader public and to involve the public in content consumption. Interaction delivers a much more powerful experience than "passive" consumption of the same information.

Philippe Chiwy
de pinxi
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