Emerging Technologies

Tom Craven
SIGGRAPH 2006 Emerging Technologies Chair
The Walt Disney Company (retired)

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Guided Tours in Six Languages

Hall B1       Sunday, 30 July 1 - 6 pm
  Monday, 31 July 9 am - 6 pm
  Tuesday, 1 August 9 am - 6 pm
  Wednesday, 2 August       9 am - 6 pm
  Thursday, 3 August 9 am - 5 pm

Interact with the interplay between humans and digital systems. Emerging Technologies demonstrates the future of interactive techniques in scientific visualization, robotics, medicine, biotechnology, music, audio, entertainment, fountains, services for the disabled, graphics, displays, haptics, sensors, gaming, the web, artificial intelligence, visualization, collaborative environments, design, aerospace, the military, and the fusion of technology and art.

AR Tennis

argoGroup: The Interactive Theatre

The Augmented Painting

bubble cosmos

Copycat Hand

Cubee: Thinking Inside The Box



Embossed Touch Display: Illusory Elongation and Shrinking of Tactile Objects


Fingertip Digitizer: Applying Haptics and Biomechanics to Tactile Input Technology

Forehead Retina System

Freqtric Drums

Hand-Shadow Illusions and 3D DDR Based on Efficient Model Retrieval

High-Resolution, Real-Time-Geometry Video Acquisition System

The Huggable: A Therapeutic Robotic Companion for Relational, Affective Touch

Incompatible BLOCK: Wonders-Accompanied Interface

Instant Replay

Interactive 3D Fluid-Jet Painting

An Interactive Multi-User Holographic Environment

INVISIBLE ~The Shadow Chaser~




MRI (Mixed-Reality Interface)

Multi-Touch Interaction Wall

Perceptual Attraction Force: The Sixth Force

Powder Screen: A Virtual Materializer

Powered Shoes

The Shared Design Space

Submerging Technologies

Tablescape Plus: Upstanding Tiny Displays on Tabletop Display

Tangibles at Play

Tele-Kinesthetic Interaction: Using Hand Muscles to Interact With A Tangible 3D Object

True 3D Display Using Laser Plasma in the Air

U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi:The Virtual Humanoid You Can Reach

Virtual Open Heart Surgery: Training Complex Surgical Procedures in Congenital Heart Disease