Sharing Oceanographic Exploration Through Telepresence

Wednesday, 2 August, 3 - 3:30 pm
Hall B2

Note: This panel has moved to Hall B2, where Jim Newman and Mary Nichols will participate in the Special Session: 20,000 Bits Under the Sea: How Robotics, Visualization, and Scientific Computing Are Changing the Way We Explore, Discover, and Understand Our Oceans.

The Institute For Exploration has pioneered the use of telepresence technology to involve remote scientific experts, students, teachers, and the general public in exploration of remote sites, particularly in the deep ocean. Nichols and Newman describe the technologies used and results from a recent expedition to the Black Sea and Aegean Sea looking for ancient shipwrecks and active volcanoes.

Jim Newman
Chief Engineer
Institute for Exploration
jim (at)

Mary Nichols
Video Technician
Institute for Exploration
mnichols (at)