Creativity, Law and Ethics: What Are the Boundaries?

Wednesday, 2 August, 1 - 2 pm
Room 157

While the digital revolution has changed the way we work, it has also opened up a plethora of legal and ethical issues. From initial conception through final production, issues of copyright, deception, and privacy, to name only a few, continue to befuddle creators, ethicists, and lawyers.

When does sampling become copyright violation? At what point does editing become deception? How real is unreal? Who are artists ultimately answerable to: Employers? Audiences? Themselves? This panel examines some of these and other legal, philosophical, and ethical issues facing computer artists as they create and distribute their work. And it might offer some suggestions that might keep you out of jail.

Larry L. Burriss
Middle Tennessee State University
lburriss (at)

Henry Holtzman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology