Kids' Programming Language: Learning is Best When Learning is Fun

Thursday, 3 August, 2 - 2:30 pm
Room 156

Computer science enrollment in the US has dropped by two-thirds in the last five years. One of many reasons for this is that for 20 years software development tools have become increasingly powerful and complex. More and more, they are intended for experienced programmers.

Kids' Programming Language (KPL) provides a language and IDE designed to allow beginners to learn real computer programming skills. It uses games and graphics to interest and excite beginners. And it offers an IDE and development model that is based on modern standard IDEs, but is much simpler and more accessible. KPL's global volunteer community has translated the IDE into 15 languages in just the first six months of its availability and translated or produced many tutorials, examples, and learning materials. KPL's applicability to beginners of any age is clear, and changes and new materials under development now will broaden KPL's applicability to all ages and education levels.

Jon Schwartz
Morrison Schwartz, Inc.
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